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Dr. Jazrawi Quoted In Men's Journal


Dr. Laith Jazrawi was quoted in the August 2013 edition of Men's Journal on his thoughts about using stem cells in older joints.  His excerpt is below:

  • Dr. Laith Jazrawi, the head of sports medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, and one of the few academic orthopedists using the one-day stem-cell procedure — the one permitted in the U.S. — can’t disguise an admiration for clinicians willing to go out on a limb for medical progress.
  • “As a scientist, it excites me that they’re doing these things,” he says. He thinks the multiday processed stem cells “are probably going to be safe” — cancers have yet to pop up in the animal-research literature. But he sounds the academic’s familiar refrain: “If the Colorado group’s results are so good, why haven’t they published anything on it?”

The usual rejoinder from independent clinicians is that they can’t afford to.

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